Destination Choice of Chinese Rural-Urban Migrant Workers: Jobs, Amenities and Local SpilloversJournal of Regional Science, forthcoming. (with Lu Chen)

Barriers of Culture, Networks and Language in International Migration: A ReviewREGION, 2018, 5(1), pp. 73-89. (with Thomas De Graaff and Peter Nijkamp)

Cultural Diversity and Cultural Distance as Choice Determinants of Migration Destination, Spatial Economic Analysis, 2016, 11(2), pp. 176-200. (with Thomas De Graaff and Peter Nijkamp)

Working Papers:

Look Who’s Talking: On the Heterogeneous Returns to Foreign Language Use at Work among Natives and Migrants in Europe, under review. (with Thomas De Graaff and Peter Nijkamp)

A Paradox of Economic Prosperity and Social Integration? Evidence from the Netherlands. RR at The Annals of Regional Science.

Social Contacts, Dutch Language Proficiency and Immigrant Economic Performance in the Netherlands: A Longitudinal Study, under review. (with Barry R. Chiswick)

The Economics of Contract Law Deterrence and Public Law Deterrence in Illegal Contracts. (with Teng Wang)

Selected Works-in-Progress:

Industrial Transfer Policies and Migration in China (with Michiel Gerritse and Frank van Oort)

Sorting Effects under Mandatory Spatial Dispersal of Refugees (with Jesper Hybel Pedersen and Ismir Mulalic)