What Dear Friends Bring

A crazy drive to the edge of nowhere. A gorgeous view of the coastline. A playlist of all your favorite songs. A self-indulgent concert in the tiny car. A relaxing sunbath on the brimless grass. An aimless search for the cottage in the wild. An intimate contact with waving waters. An idle walk amid the forest. An insatiable appetite for crackers and gossips.

The omnipotent onions endorsed by the chef. The mouthwatering meals prepared. The hilarious games created. The bizarre punishments played. The all-night-long deep talks enjoyed. The lazy mornings wrapped in dreams. The countless golf balls hit outside the field. The miserable bowling pins that forever stand. The naughty kids that always prank. The high pitched screams on the roller coasters. The dizzy minds at the sky height.

An impromptu essay of scraps and morsels, to memorize a wonderful and adventurous trip with a bunch of my dear friends, and the gelivable sunshine!

May 2013, Walibi Holland.


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